14 Staff Portrait Photography

Successful Staff Photographs – “14 Do’s and Don’ts!

  1. Do plan ahead, make sure no one is going on holiday!
  2. Do make sure that a room is available with a plug socket for the photographer that has a little privacy for the person. No one likes being jeered from their colleagues.
  3. Do tell the staff. We are all adults and don’t like being kept in the dark. Having a surprise of a photographer turning up is not the best way to engage staff – trust me!
  4. Do tell them the reasons why their staff shots are required and to dress appropriately. It makes a big difference if they understand that this will be a professional image or lead to additional sales.
  5. Don’t expect everyone to be as enthusiastic as you. Most people don’t enjoy having their portrait taken.
  6. Don’t cram it all in before lunchtime – everyone gets into a panic… it’s supposed to be fun and creative!
  7. Don’t tell the staff a week before, better to be at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for a trip to the hairdressers or barbers – nothing worse than a fresh haircut!
  8. Do tell them to bring at least 2 changes of clothing / ties / jackets – spots or stripes can really dominate an image and should be avoided.
  9. Don’t worry about spots and scars or poor teeth on the day. Any photographer worth their salt can fix this in post production.
  10. Do get a decent night’s sleep and avoid excessive alcohol the day before!
  11. Don’t expect one image to do all – you need to consider an image for social media platforms like Linked In and another for the company website.
  12. Do make one person responsible for picking the images or it will take months!
  13. Do make sure you get a model release form signed by all staff (you can download from the web) to avoid any future problems!
  14. Do have a look at other staff photographs on the web, maybe your competitors and suggest that style to the photographer if you like them.

To be honest, I could add a lot more, but from experience these are the most common ‘challenges’…

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