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Public Relations or PR photography that’s bound to get you noticed!

Public Relations Photography of RAF Sergeant next to a wing of a fighter jet © Paul Worpole Photography

Public Relations Photography of Royal Mail employee in sorting office © Paul Worpole Photography

For me the essential elements at getting some great Public Relations photography are as follows…

Public Relations Photography Cheshire

  • A strong brief that defines the actual shoot that everyone can understand.
  • Props are often underused and can boost an interest in a dull shoot, please have them handy!
  • Other than the client, is anyone else involved for example, a member of public or a celebrity. If so it’s worth getting a model release form signed or checking with their agent regarding the use of the images. This will reduce both surprise and disappointment on the day!
  • Preparation is much undervalued. Do make sure everyone involved particularly within a company know what to do on the day. Are uniforms clean and pressed. If it’s to be outside and it rains, is there a plan B?
  • Unusual locations can really add an additional dynamic element to Public Relations photography, but please make sure you have permission if needed and that’s its accessable!
  • Rather than just staring at a lens, are the people involved prepared to tap into their best acting…it looks so much better people communicating with others. A bit of action in the photograph can go a long way!
  • Access…If the photographs to be shot on the roof of a building, what health and safety issues need to be satisfied, who owns the building?.
  • Regarding health and safety please make sure the correct clothing is worn and is presentable.
  • I often work with the technicians of a company if I am not sure how a product is used or even which way up is correct!
  • If it’s to be a building shot, does the car park need to be cordoned off to avoid having vehicles in the shot? If it’s a shot of a fleet of lorries…are they clean. Not everything can be resolved in Photoshop.
  • Above all its need to be fun for people to do, so choose staff wisely that want to be there.

To help you, here is a link to my 14 do’s and don’ts that will make the day run smoother. 

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