Portrait Photography

No matter what size your company is or which industry you work in, a professional portrait will make all the difference!

Portrait photography, for the purpose of this website, fall into three categories:  Actor HeadshotsBusiness Portraits and Staff Headshots…

Portrait Photography of woman in grey military style jacket Paul Worpole Photography

Portrait Photography of woman with old fashioned tin type black and white filter applied © Paul Worpole Photography

Portrait Photography of girl with pigtails in white t shirt © Paul Worpole Photography

Portrait Photography of man in profile looking up at 45 degrees with silk scarf © Paul Worpole Photography

Yes, even “Barry from accounts” has a personality and that’s what you need to show! By placing the subject on appropriate backdrops and with the use of effective lighting and poses, you can get beautifully lit photographs that are dynamic.

All portraits can be taken at your home or place of work using mobile a photography studio. This can be really useful if you want to have a root through your wardrobe.

Delivery of results…

All of the portrait photography taken on the day is usually delivered electronically to you direct within 24 hours or sooner in a small file format for you to choose from.

Yes, everyone gets “airbrushed”…

Your chosen portrait images get “polished” in post production – small skin blemishes removed, teeth whitened, eyes brightened.

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