Is a picture really worth a thousand words...actually, it’s quite a bit more than that…

Recent studies have shown that the human brain processes visual information quicker than text – much quicker. Images and visual concepts can be as much as a whopping 60,000 times faster!

Portrait of Man in Military Clothes © Paul Worpole

We are bombarded daily, sometimes hourly with sheets of text and scroll through it at enormous rates, but because we are hard wired to process images we are making instant decisions at a phenomenal rate which we cannot consciously override.

Here are the facts

An amazing 90% of information that’s transmitted direct to the brain is visual, which is why we notice images over and above any copy.

Let’s look at an example…

An image of a two men in wedding attire making a face to the camera – words cannot describe the facial expressions, because they are based on your library of experiences, but put a picture in with the text and it all seems to make sense.

Black and White Photograph of Groom and Best Man

This image could be shown to anyone in the world and they would understand exactly how these two are feeling!

Here’s the science…

The fusiform face area (FFA) is a part of the human brains visual system that is specialized just for facial recognition. It tries to make sense of an image and create a face or anything that resembles something from its memory. Looking for patterns, just like the way we see faces in clouds, tigers in the undergrowth, an image of Winston Churchill smoking a cigar with hand shadows and Homer Simpson on a burnt crisp.

Faces and why they are important on your website?…

You will automatically be sent through to a ‘Home Page’ however if you are in a profession of trust… solicitor, doctor, dentist, cosmetic surgeon, chef to name but a few – the ‘About Us’ page will be right up there in the most viewed page on a website. We are all inquisitive when it comes to seeing who we are dealing with.

Black and white Photograph of Dr Peter Young Surgeon Dentist withText

Remember this…

The rapid rate a human brain processs the image of a face, it pays to make sure the image is appropriate for your client or customer to engage with it.

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