Photographing Cows

As an avid walker of our beautiful Cheshire countryside, I thought only fair that I should share with you one of Britain’s greatest rock formations – Ayrshire Rock.

Ayrshire Rock Back of a brown cow set against a blue sky with clouds © Paul Worpole Photography

Ayrshire Rock…!

Oh, who am I kidding…it’s a cow’s back!

One of the pleasures of living in the middle of nowhere and being surrounded by cows, is the fact that as soon as the sun is out I can grab a camera and make the most of it very quickly.

Getting “out there and taking images” will always improve your photography over reading magazines and books; you’ll learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t particularly when it comes to composition.

This was created by using a 17mm lens on a full frame camera, slowly walking up to a cow and shooting with lots of sky in the background.

So before you decide to dust off that camera and load up the car for a three day expedition, have a look at your close surroundings, I guarantee there is always something to take a picture of and you can always pop back if the weather turns out lousy!

Please note: Always be careful photographing “large” animals , cows are fine if they are not spooked, so approach them slowly after getting permission (please show respect to the land owner/ farmer and check they are not in calf) – don’t make eye contact and they are just fine.

WARNING: Do check for bulls before entering any field with cows in!

Shot with a Canon at 17mm with a polarising filter

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