Oliver Harvey – Corporate Photography Manchester

Whether corporate or industrial shoots, I always find that going behind the scenes on a handmade product whether it be shoes, engineering or jewellery is totally absorbing – and the day’s photography at Manchester based Oliver Harvey, makers of professional chef clothing & chefs’ wear – didn’t disappoint!

The brief…

To show in detail a quality British handmade product made with care and attention. The images are to be used in both online and print media.


Close up shot of buttons with Oliver Harvey branding © Paul Worpole

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it…

Hands of sewing machinist sewing pinstripe material ©Paul Worpole

The speed at which the human hands move can be amazing. Although I was right on top of the action the construction was so fast it reminded me of close up magic. Garments just seemed to appear before my eyes.

Flying the flag…

Close up shot of Oliver Harvey jacket label © Paul Worpole

From the cutting room floor to the packing department, it became apparent that there is a massive sense of pride in everyone at Oliver Harvey for their 100% British made products which ooze quality.

Tailoring for success..

Tailor measuring cloth on cutting table © Paul Worpole

Mans hands leaning on olive grean fabric with tailors scissors and ruler ©Paul Worpole

Pattern template at Oliver Harvey Chefs wear © Paul Worpole

Tailors shears on blue gingham cloth with patterns for chefs trousers


Close up detail of sewing shears © Paul Worpole

Tailoring the clothing is a very important factor. A chef spending over 8 hours in a hot kitchen needs to have a quality product that will take on everything you can throw at it and still look good.

So, what would you think is the number one selling point of these garments – looks, quality, finish? The customer feedback:  “it is very easy to iron!”

Woman ironing a Chefs jacket with steam coming out of iron©Paul Worpole

Series of Industrial storage boxes with very shallow depth of field @ Paul Worpole

Close up detail shot of Oliver Harvey tab on olive green apron © Paul Worpole

The devil is in…

Eyelet machine in factory © Paul Worpole

Embroidery machine close up photograph © Paul Worpole

The detail is very important and this was shown by the hand finishing that goes into every single stitch and button hole. The process is finished off by wrapping the product in tissue paper and easing it gently into a metal presentation box!

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All images shot on Canon 24-70mm and 100mm Macro

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