Sometimes a photographic portrait seems to capture your imagination and goes beyond the norm. This was such a portrait…

Back end of 2014 I was approached by the proud parents of Tom Green to create a number of portrait images that would inspire sponsorship. They needed to be “clean” black or white backgrounds to allow words or copy to be easily dropped in place with potential sponsor logos.

Tom’s parents, Andy and Sarah arrived with several boxes of medals, trophies and cups to the point we ended up looking for room to store it all. Medal after medal appeared in succession and to my amazement he won five at one contest!

Boy with Union Flag Boxing Gloves and Black Face protectore used in MMA by Paul Worpole

After our initial chat, it became very obvious that this “kid” was naturally talented and had impressed many WUMA – World United Martial Arts judges throughout the world.

His skills in MMA or Mixed Martial Arts (which is a combination of Kick Boxing and Taekwondo) were first developed in February 2012 when he was only 7 and rose stratospheric heights in a very short space.

Boy in Red Tshirt with Boxing Glovess MMA fighter on white background

He has the 2024 Olympics in his sights (he may have to change sport and focus on Taekwondo) when he will be 20.

After speaking to Tom it became apparent that much of his inspiration comes from representing his country – just check out those gloves!

His recent travels have taken him to World Championships in Geneva where he won 5 medals…this year he plans to win at Germany.

Boy in Red T shirt Holding Union Flag MMA Fighter

All images shot on a Canon 70-200 f8 @ 125th with Bowens strobes