Industrial Photography: Porvair Filtration

Nestled in a leafy road of Wrexham industrial estate stands a red window framed building and home to a company called Porvair Filtration. Nothing that special as industrial architecture goes, but as they say…it’s what’s inside that counts…

The Brief:

I was commissioned for the day to capture industrial shots that can be used in both web and print applications covering banners, annual reports and general imagery for presentations etc.

Industrial PhotographyTechnician Lowering Filter for Coating © Paul Worpole

Technician Lowering Filter for Coating

What do they do?

As the name suggests, the company produces filtration systems for many types of industries, including aerospace and defence, food and beverage, nuclear, energy and many more. One part that fascinated me was an area where they create respiratory filters for fire, rescue and emergency services – all hand assembled for accuracy.

Technician Hand Assembly Industrial Photography © Paul Worpole

Technician Hand Assembly


Technician Porvair Wrexham Industrial Estate

Porvair Technician Wrexham Creating Paper Filter Prototypes © Paul Worpole

Porvair Technician in Wrexham Creating Paper Filter Prototypes

The research and development areas are always coming up with new applications ranging from the very smallest paper filters, no larger than the tip of your finger to massive filters for energy companies, the size of a grain silo, capable of working in the most ‘aggressive’ atmospheres and under the extraordinary temperatures.

Welding Industrial Filter Screen © Paul Worpole

Welding Industrial Filter Screen at Porvair

When they’re not fusing metal and plastic together to create a new materials they are also developing a liquid application that can either repel water or absorb it depending on the application.

Industrial Photography Feeding Filter Material © Paul Worpole

Technician Feeding Filter Material

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All images copyright © Paul Worpole.

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