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We all walk past them every day; they generally go unnoticed, but you would definitely miss them if they weren’t there. I’m talking about “POPs” or point of purchase displays.

Fastrak Retail Solutions Showing Display Units in Asda Store © Paul Worpole Photography

Retail merchandising over the years has developed systems to place a product within a store directly in the customer’s line of vision. This helps to deliver a message assisting both the retailer and the manufacturer to increase sales.

Retail point of sale…

This is where industry experts Fastrak Retail use their skills. It’s the most effective way is to increase the available space on your sales floor, whether it’s temporary or a more permanent display. One of the specialist areas they are involved with is the creation of a myriad of National Lottery and Football Pools products.

Fastrak Retail Display Showing Lottery Logo Sign Close up © Paul Worpole PhotographyFastrak Retail Solutions Showing Hexagonal Football Pools Stand © Paul Worpole PhotographyFastrak Retail Display Showing Lottery Stand Design and Close up © Paul Worpole Photography

 Injection moulding…

These are very heavy, but intricate metal moulds that are subjected to extremely high pressure and hot plastic. The process allows for the creation of large amounts of detail to be added to the final design. Ideal for producing high volumes of the same object with an extremely high finish.

Fastrak Retail Man moving injection mould at Fastrak Paul Worpole Photography

Bringing brands to life…

With their in-house designers, Fastrak have a deep understanding of the retail environment and can provide a number of solutions from research and development, prototyping, toolmaking to the final product on the shop floor. Some of the products are delicate requiring final assembly by hand.

Fastrak Retail Solutions Showing Man Lining Up Cutting Machine © Paul Worpole Photography

Fastrak Retail Display Showing Red Layers Perspex of Jet Fighter Close up © Paul Worpole Photography Fastrak Retail Solutions ShowingHand Assembly Perspex Box Units © Paul Worpole Photography


For the last five years, Fastrak Retail has teamed up with Manchester Metropolitan University to offer their students a creative but real-world design brief, aimed at preparing them for a future in design and engineering.

The changing face of retail marketing…

Over the years, retail merchandising has influenced our buying decisions with the use of displays, and packaging. Because of the decline in salespeople, more emphasis is placed on retail displays to inform decision making and purchases.

Increased expectations…

With ever-changing buying habits influenced by celebrities and online media, increased expectations are at an all-time high and retail marketing plays an ever-increasing role in consumers’ decision making than ever before.

Fastrak Retail Solutions Display unit in Asda store © Paul Worpole Photography

The brief…

The brief for Fastrak Retail consisted of showcasing not only the product in its various stages of development and assembly but also close up detail shots and within a real shop environment.

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