Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portraits of business lady leaning against a brick wall © Paul Worpole Photography

Environmental Portraits

From time to time a noticeable shift in photographic styles occurs. Over the last twelve months an increasing number of clients are asking me to create “environmental portraits” or  “location portraits” rather than the standard head-shot.

Environmental Portraits of two busnessmen in a large tube in Hutchinson Engineering

Environmental Portraits – Hutchinson Engineering

Producing images in the workplace or “on location” tells a story and gives greater context to the subject matter. It allows the viewer a brief insight into the life of the subject – to get a feel for them. Being in their daily or natural environment they are more relaxed so we see more of their personality shining through.

Environmental Portraits of man in suit with purple tie on a staircase in Astra Zeneca

Astra Zeneca Environmental Portraits

As a professional photographer I love this type of portraiture to standard studio shoots as I believe that it creates a clearer “picture” of the person despite using the same techniques that I use in the studio.

Environmental Portrait Man mixing dye laughing covered in paint splatters© Paul WorpolePhotography

Environmental Portraits – Adamley Silks

Environmental Portraits of man with beard on seat Manchester skyline © Paul Worpole Photography

Environmental Portraits Manchester

What’s your story?…

Environmental Portraits; If this is a style that appeals to you, or it has been suggested by a designer or PR company,then please give me a call and let’s have a chat!

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