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HVPD or High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd are experts in the industry of Partial Discharge testing and monitoring, they help their clients to keep their high voltage equipment safe and in-service.


In electrical engineering terms, partial discharge is a localised breakdown of a small portion of a solid or fluid electrical insulation.
Typically their clients range from oil & gas platforms, substations, wind turbines, data centres.


Initial contact…

This was to discuss corporate photography for their new and up and coming website – including staff headshots, product shots and some location photography.

We spent some time focussing on the look and feel of the new site and whilst maintaining branding.

Media City…
Based near Media City in Manchester, they work with over 500 companies in more than 100 countries across the worldwide electricity supply industry.
Their products and services are tried and tested in some of the harshest of environments from the coldest parts of Canada to the sweltering heat of Abu Dhabi!

Corporate Photography Manchester HVPD Building Logo © Paul Worpole Photography

Staff headshots…
The brief for the staff headshots was to show the individual’s character.
Approximately 30 to 40 images were taken of each individual staff member, for the client to make a final selection – this allows that “rabbit in the headlights look” to disappear and a confident pose to take over.

The portraits are to be used in company promotions in both high quality printed material and website format.

Corporate Photography Manchester Two Portraits of Woman Laughing in Company Red Uniform © Paul Worpole PhotographyCorporate Photography Manchester Staff Headshot Photography © Paul Worpole PhotographyCorporate Photography Portrait of Man with Black Polo Top HVPD © Paul Worpole Photography

LinkedIn profiles etc…
These needed to be professional but approachable for LinkedIn profiles.

In addition the employees attend a wide variety of exhibitions, conferences and events representing HVPD by presenting papers, case studies and demonstrating equipment across the world, so need the images to have quality & presence giving the individuals the confidence to have them projected at seminars.

Corporate Photography HVPD Portrait of Man with Glasses © Paul Worpole Photography

Senior staff required additional imagery for presentations and industry magazines where text could be added at a later date.

Thinking of staff headshot photography, here’s a link that might be useful for you.

Team photos…
It was decided that the group shots would be created by taking the individuals portrait on white backgrounds and put together in post-production to make the group shot.
This allows the client to pick the very best shot or add staff at a later date takes the “faff” out of getting everyone in the same room at the same time.

Location photography…
The location photography was needed to show the team of test and installation engineers who deliver the services to customers: how they work in all environments both inside and out , come rain or shine!

When it comes to on-site surveys or installing their products at offshore oil & gas platforms four-wheel drive vehicles and personal protective clothing are standard.

Corporate Photography HVPD Installation Engineer in Red Uniform with White Head Protection © Paul Worpole PhotographyCorporate Photography Manchester Man in PPE Portable Testing Equipment Faraday Cage © Paul Worpole Photography

Product photography…
HVPD supply a comprehensive range of on-line partial discharge test and monitoring technology.
Their main focus is on their latest portable diagnostic test unit, both in and out of the tailored tough carry case.

Corporate Photography Manchester HVPD Portable Hand Unit and Case © Paul Worpole PhotographyCorporate Photography Manchester Black HVPD Protective Case Covered in Water Droplets © Paul Worpole Photography

It’s important that the product photography needs to establish both the robustness and portability of the product.
We decided to go for both standard product shots and some close up shots to show detail with a macro lens.

On closer inspection, you are aware of the quality machining that goes into every part.

Corporate Photography HVPD Close Up Three Product Shots © Paul Worpole PhotographyCorporate Photography HVPD Product Shot © Paul Worpole Photography

Production workshop…
It’s then hand assembled and tested in the production workshop to its limits, prior to shipping directly to the customer.

Corporate Photography Manchester Hand assembly Department © Paul Worpole Photography
Corporate Photography HVPD Close Up Shot of Product on Red Background © Paul Worpole Photography
Corporate Photography Manchester HVPD Hand Assembly Production Department © Paul Worpole Photography
Corporate Photography HVPD Hand Assembly in Production Room © Paul Worpole Photography

Some kind words…

“As the Marketing Manager of HVPD, it’s really refreshing to find a photographer who not only has a keen eye for the detail you might miss, but who understands how you intend to use photographs across different formats.
We also had staff photos done and Paul really helps bring out the best in people.
There are other extra bits and pieces he does in his own post editing and giving Photoshop editing advice, which is really helpful, too. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”

Corporate Photography HVPD Close Up Shot of Logo © Paul Worpole Photography

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