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Sample of Silk from Catalogue © Paul Worpole

Sample of Silk from Catalogue

Commercial Photography; Macclesfield or ‘Silk Town’ was the centre of silk printing for the last 300 years and is nestled in the foothills of the Pennines. Just two miles from Macclesfield town, in a village called Langley is Adamley silk mill, which uses traditional and new methods to print some stunning designs, both traditional and contemporary.

Dye House Manager resting on Dye Machine at Adamley © Paul Worpole

Dye House Manager resting on Dye Machine at Adamley

This unassuming mill is buried in the rural landscape, but easily found by just looking up into the sky and following a massive stream of steam from the dyeing plant. As in previous generations they continue to utilise water sourced from their own reservoir.

Print colour mixer Adamley © Paul Worpole

Print colour mixer Adamley © Paul Worpole

Print colour mixer at Adamley

As you wander from room to room it’s pretty much as it was over 50 years ago. In the pattern room there are a vast number of huge books festooned with hand drawn patterns and wooden blocks which are now retired in favour of computer created silkscreen’s.

Screen Engraver Adamley © Paul Worpole

Portrait of screen engraver at Adamley

Screen Engraver at work © Paul Worpole

Screen engraver at work.

The printing process is still created by hand ensuring quality and control and the majority of silk is shipped abroad to Italy with the favoured English print.

Woman with design book Adamley Silk © Paul Worpole

Digital Print supervisor with pattern book.

Dye Blocks © Paul Worpole

Original Dye Blocks

Silk Pattern Block Adamley Silk © Paul Worpole

Like most artisan companies there is a genuine passion in every stage of the process, evident in the time, care and pride show by the workers.

Huge personal thanks goes to the staff at Adamley for their support and patience.

Screen Printer standing next to Blue Silk © Paul Worpole

Screen Printer standing next to Blue Silk.

Portrait of Cloth Issue Manager at Adamley © Paul Worpole

Cloth Issue Manager

Portrait of MD Adamley © Paul Worpole

MD of Adamley

Silk Samples © Paul Worpole

Silk Samples

This commercial photographic project has now been featured in October’s edition of ‘Cheshire Life’

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