It’s a small world after all!
There is something mesmerising about seeing a product up close and personal…

Close Up Product Photography Sound Deadening Chamber © Paul Worpole PhotographyWith close up product photography it shows detail that ordinarily the eye would miss and is a great way of conveying the quality of a product.

Textures get highlighted and simple objects can look like architecture at a macro level!

Close Up Product Photography Crockett & Jones Brogue Toe Detail © Paul Worpole Photography

Double take…
From a clients perspective, it opens up a whole new world of options.
It’s an opportunity to highlight and show specific aspects of products that otherwise would be overlooked.
Going in close to the product on a macro level can create some amazing unseen angles.

Close Up Product Photography Lathe Chucks © Paul Worpole PhotographyClose Up Product Photography Red Circut Board © Paul Worpole Photography

Montage effect…
Showing sections in product photography but in a montage format allows the eye to reconstruct the image as it should be as seen below on the double bass.

Double bass…

We all know what one looks like, but shown at a macro level, at alternative angles and close-up, you start to appreciate the quality of workmanship.
The bass strings look like overhead electricity cables and the grain of the wood almost creates a landscape.

Close Up Product Photography Four Double Bass's Black Background © Paul Worpole Photography

Close Up Product Photography Double Bass Montage © Paul Worpole Photography

Seeing it for the first time…
Most of the industrial product shots I take, are with companies that are involved in heavy duty environments and applications

Usually, when photographing a product, I like to include a range of close up product shots.

These really appeal to clients, because they are seeing, for the first time an alternative view of something that is so familiar.

Generally, these shots are considered more “arty” and the very opposite to a standard clean product shot.

Many end up being printed on a large scale and gracing reception walls.

Close Up Product Photography Electrical Connections © Paul Worpole Photography

Close Up Product Photography RAL Space Component © Paul Worpole Photography

Social media…

Invariably the “arty” shots are used on the launch of a new product to create interest.

One very savvy client showed a series of close-ups every day, over a week period, prior to the launch of the product.

It not only created a boost in open rates but managed to collect many more additional followers on social media.

It’s an old trick used by the car industry, just a silhouette of a bonnet line can increase expectations for the final reveal.

Close Up Product Photography Industrial Baking Oven Buttons © Paul Worpole PhotographyBlurred lines…
Because you are working at a much closer range than normal the backgrounds naturally get blurred out of focus – commonly known in the photographic industry as bokeh.

Popular worldwide with romantics…and Instagrammers. It allows the subject to really stand out and focuses the eye completely on the subject.

Try it yourself…
Close up photography can make the ordinary look exciting, dramatic with lots of detail and a whole new perspective!

The great thing about Macro photography is that you can have a go without leaving the house.

No more chasing sunsets and getting cold and wet!

Grab your favourite spoon, put it on a chess board and start photographing those reflections, creating your own personal art!

Close Up Product Photography Red Rose in Water Black Ground © Paul Worpole Photography

Your five a day…
Look around and you’ll notice we are surrounded by objects which make fascinating close up studies. Feathers, fruit and vegetables, all make a great image and if it’s past the best by date… even better!

Rotten decaying fruit can make some amazing abstract art and you’ll be amazed how soon you can create some stunning images that you’ll want to get printed and hung up!Close Up Product Photography Wine Foil Tops France © Paul Worpole PhotographyClose Up Product Photography Pattern Print Block Adamley Silk Mill © Paul Worpole PhotographyClose Up Product Photography of Popaii Awards © Paul Worpole Photography

Stuck for ideas…

Look for anything that has repeat patterns, for example; the face of a cheese grater, a collection of coloured pencil tips

You may want to create a themed image…

Pick a colour like blue, and just photograph up close anything that blue or hinges the rustier the better. Remember, anything that’s similar and you can then create your own montage image.

Close Up Product Photography Coloured Index Cards © Paul Worpole Photography

Lights, camera, action…

Don’t think you’ll need an expensive set of lights to get a macro shot, just get the object as close to a light source as possible. Windowsills make great places to pull natural daylight onto a subject.

It’s a “soft light” that wraps itself around objects. Looks good with food, especially cup cakes!

Close Up Product Photography of Romania Cabbage on Black Background© Paul Worpole PhotographyClose Up Product Photography Pencil on Sawn Wood © Paul Worpole Photography
Alternatively look for where the sun falls, very bright stark sunlight will do wonders, bringing out a massive amount of detail.

Check out those rusty old hinges under a bright sun and see just how much they change.

Close Up Product Photography Rusty Farm Gate Hinge © Paul Worpole Photography

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