Brochure Photography

Create stunning brochures with beautiful photography that captures the imagination.

Brochure photography is pretty self explanatory as to the type of photography. Essentially it’s an informative document, either paper or digital that’s used to promote a company service or product.

Brochure photography close up shot of Georgian clock face © Paul Worpole Photography

Brochure photography of double bass on black background with reflection © Paul Worpole Photography

Despite digital downloads, the tactile quality of a well produced brochure can still be extremely effective. You can read it anywhere at any time.

For me, to create really outstanding brochure photography, I find that working in conjunction with both designers and copywriters can have a focused attitude to the overall goal. All the elements of design, photography and copy can blend smoothly together for the client to give them a finished brochure they can be proud of!

Strategy or briefing session…

For me one of the most essential elements of any photographic project starts with strategy or briefing session with the client to establish and develop a brief as tight as possible. This reduces not only overshooting but risk of surprise for the client and keeps the shoot realistic.

“What’s the brochure for? Will it be targeted at existing clients or aimed squarely at creating new clients?”

If you are clear about what your message you would like to convey, it’s so much easier to create the correct imagery. This tends to be more important with smaller companies who have no additional budget to contract a director on the day of the shoot.

If staff are to be featured in the brochure, please make sure you look at my blog “14 Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Staff Photographs” HERE

All of the brochure photography images are delivered on a DVD at full resolution – 300 dpi – suitable for printing purposes as well as the website direct to you and / or your printers.

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