Actors Headshots…

Portrait of actress Clara Darcy saluting

Portrait of theatre actress and musician Clara Darcy

Actors Headshots…are an industry standard, these can be the most effective way for an actor to promote themselves. It allows them to represent who they really are and what they want to present to the world, but a photograph cannot tell you how talented they are! They have only one function – to create opportunities that will appeal to casting directors and open doors to great auditions …and eventually work!

The last thing I want is for them to act…

Actor headshot of Alex Phelps

Actor headshot of Alex Phelps

Understandably everyone thinks that actors will be great in front of the camera. However, because they are used to being on stage or on set, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be comfortable in front of the lens. There is no script, director, audience or other actors to bounce off – just a camera…and my ugly mug.

Part of the creative process…

Rosanna Lambe Actor Headshot © Paul Worpole

Rosanna Lambe Actor Headshot

You have to build rapport before they will be comfortable and appear natural in front of the camera. I like them to be part of the creative process, so after the initial lighting test we take a few shots to establish the look and the feel is in the right ball park. With sessions lasting up to two hours, there are plenty of opportunities to discuss the roles they are seeking. This allows them to get in the right frame of mind, change of clothes and for the images to evolve into something they are proud of.

Its all about personality…

Portrait of Gurjeet Singh Actor Headshots© Paul Worpole

The many faces of Gurjeet Singh

Actor Headshot of Woman with Short Hair Smiling ©Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshot of Woman with Short Hair Smiling ©Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshots BFG star Child Actor Ruby Barnhill plays Sophie a New film by Steven Spielberg DreamWorks Studio Portrait by Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshot Portrait Outtake of Ruby Barnhill at age 10 who plays “Sophie” in Stephen Spielberg’s film The BFG © Paul Worpole Photography

Actors Headshots Paul Worpole Photography

Actors Headshots Outtakes © Paul Worpole Photography














For me, as in most portraiture, it’s all about the eyes or to be more precise, what’s going on behind them. They need to have a lived a little – they need to tell a story. It gets to a point when the actor decides to let you have the portraitsometimes it can be more about therapy than photography!

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