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Actors Headshots – get that part! 

Actor Headshots Woman in black top © Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshots - portrait of young man pointing at camera laughing © Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshots - portrait of young woman with long red hair and chunky knit jumper © Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshots - reversed out portrait of young woman © Paul Worpole Photography

Actor Headshots - portrait of man in blue long sleeve t shirt © Paul Worpole Photography

Actors Headshots…

Always chat with your agent about what they are looking for from your actor headshot session, they generally have a great eye for what works and what doesn’t. Also they may have you lined up for the next gritty Northern drama and you turn up in your Sunday best. Of course, I can chat with your agent about what they are looking for and what future acting parts they would like to put you up for. This will give me a ‘rough’ brief for the day of the shoot and what to avoid.

Actor Headshots - man in checked shiet with glasses © Paul Worpole Photography

A comfortable two hours…

It’s a solid two hour shoot with as many outfit changes as you need and most of the male actors will arrive with a beard, then shave for a completely different look.

Actor Headshots - actor with beard looking away from camera © Paul Worpole Photography

Cheshire based…

Being a Cheshire based photographer, and happy to come to you particularly if you are in the Manchester/ Liverpool areas.

Studio almost anywhere…

You’ll need a reasonable amount of space, but we can set up our mobile studio almost anywhere!

Best thing is, all we need is a room with access to a plug socket and it really can be anywhere, stables, old offices – you name it we have managed to create a studio anywhere.

Virtually all the images on these pages were taken in the actors living rooms!

Studio in Macclesfield…

Alternatively you can come to the studio in Macclesfield were just a 2 minute drive from the train station – heck we’ll even pick you up!

Actor Headshots - five portarits of actor with different expressions © Paul Worpole Photography

Delivery of results…

All actor headshots photographed on the day are sent over to you or and/or your agent to choose from. A maximum of 12 images can be chosen and they will go through polishing in Photoshop to fix skin blemishes etc. This is usually within 24 hours or earlier in a small file format for you to choose from. Your chosen images then get “polished” in post production – small skin blemishes removed, teeth whitened, eyes brightened.

Actor Headshots - four portraits of bald man wearing red and white scarfe © Paul Worpole Photography

For more information, see my blog on “What the Heck is an Actor Headshot”

Producers are busy and their attention has never been in more demand. Find out how professional actor headshots will make a difference. Contact me here

Actor Headshot of Man Holding Old Camera © Paul Worpole Photography

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